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I am an Occupational Therapist interested in Pediatrics and Mental Health living half the year in Kampot Cambodia. I just resumed writing my Masters thesis after a 2 term LOA necissitated by the death of my husband of 39 years last June. I am co-creating a library in his name at the Kampot school of one of my research assistants. I have a personal connection with blindness and visual impairment as my mother and sister are blind due to Stickler's Syndrome, a genetically inherited connective tissue disorder. I have a 33 year old son (welder) living in Calgary. In terms of other passions in my life, I love to dance Salsa and Bachata, I make butterflies out of beer cans and beads out of used paper and tin foil. Oh, and I am hooked on Resilience and fascinated by everyone who promotes and studies it. I am easy to spot: the short person with very long hair in bright colours and lots of bling carrying a big bag of 'stuff'.