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Gwen Gilmore

Victoria University, Melbourne
Lecturer in Literacy and student retention
Melbourne, Australia
Dr Gwen Gilmore has bought to Victoria University 27 years of experience in secondary, primary and tertiary teaching settings, as well as education management and policy advice in New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Australia.

Gwen has a long-standing interest in challenging the deficit approaches to teaching and learning in special and regular education, alongside interests in systems leadership, research design and methods. Examining concepts of relational cultural resilience is an emerging point of interest in the field of teacher education

Her Victoria University experiences - leading the pre-entry diploma (ADES) and the first year P-12 teacher education courses - are shaping further interest in concepts for transition and retention, and assumptions for inclusionary practice in teacher education. Gwen has managed research and other projects at a senior leadership (Principal) level while completing her doctorate at Exeter University and has secured research grants in subsequent posts.

Between 2011 and 2013 she:

* published seven articles in international and peer refereed journals, and has two publications (a co-edited book and chapter and SAGE publication) for 2014
* received $15,000 in research grants for investigations into pre-service teacher perceptions of literacy and dimensions of retention in first year Bachelor of Education students
* completed an international (Massey University, NZ and Bristol University, UK) research grant of $5,000 with associated research outputs
supervised to completion four Masters level student thesis in New Zealand and Australia (see below) and PHD student completing a doctoral supervision using cultural historical activity theory (CHAT), problem based learning.
* She is currently supervising 4 Doctoral candidates working on concepts for leadership in school, university teacher education settings and women’s leadership in Vietnam, a Masters thesis student (special education topic) and a number of other Minor thesis students whose work also covers diverse contexts (schools and university contexts) and topics.
*presented at conferences in New Zealand, Australia and Rome.