Chris Fradkin

Chris Fradkin received his PhD in Psychology from the University of California, Merced. His research focus has been on obesity risk, quality of life, and health disparities among at-risk adolescents. He is currently conducting post-doctorate research at Centro Universitário La Salle, UNILASALLE in Southern Brazil, on the role that parental education has with children's obesity. Fradkin's academic work has been published in Health Psychology, Academic Pediatrics, Journal of Asian American Psychology, and Journal of Health Psychology. Fradkin is also the founding co-director of Connecting the Americas, an international organization committed to fostering the exchange of information, science, art, and literature between North and South America.

Master's of Education at Centro Universitario La Salle, Unilasalle and conducting doctoral research on the potential of comic superheroes in promoting resilience among foster children in Brazil. Weschenfelder is a nationally-recognized author and authority on comic superheroes.

Doctor in Psychology of Education and lecturer in the Master's and Doctoral Programs in Education at Centro Universitario La Salle, Unilasalle and at the Federal University of Rio Grande, FURG, Brazil. Yunes' main interests of research are families, and parental and community resilience. Coordinator of Centers of Reference for Attention of Families at Risk in the south of Brazil.