Deputy Directors Committee Head/ Program and Operation Director at Assistance to Support Humanity and Need for Aid Organization / ASHNA Afghanistan International Youth Association
Owoyemi Ibrahim Segun born on 27 / November / 1978 in Ibadan, Oyo State of Nigeria, he started his basic education and secondary school in Ibadan, Oyo State of Nigeria, he hold higher Diploma in Computer Science from Kwara State Polytechnic and B.Sc in Business Administration from Lagos State University in Nigeria, He is also graduated from Institute of Strategic Management, Nigeria (ISMN).He started his humanitarian aid career to develop the community and assist needy people in 2011 by joining Assistance to Support Humanity and Need for Aid (ASHNA) Organization as Program Manager and later in 2013, he did develop ASHNA Organization and he become the co-founder of ASHNA INTERNATIONAL YOUTH ASSOCIATION (AIYA). He did supported youth from around the world from Afghanistan, India and Nigeria by development of partnership through the global organization more than 40 countries around the world in order to provide the global opportunities to the youth through these partnerships and He is presently hold the position of Deputy Directors Committee Head/ Program and Operation Director. ASHNA International Youth Association (AIYA) works in five operational areas which including National Youth Parliament (NYP), National Youth Award (NYA), ASHNA International Youth Volunteers (AIYV), ASHNA International Model United Nations (ASHNAIMUN) and Global Youth Opportunities (GYO). He aimed to build the human capacity for development not by the religion, language, skin, color and location, He is supporting global youth for global opportunities which includes International Educative Conferences, Leadership Development Events, International Scholarships, International Fellowships, International Internships, International Festivals, International Entrepreneurship, Linking International Model United Nations Conferences from one country to another in Global and providing assistance and facilitating students for the International Opportunities, International Job Opportunities through paid and Volunteers Programs for the International Youth and He did supported returnee refugees, internally displaced persons, poor families women, unemployed and uneducated.Owoyemi Ibrahim Segun is not only recognize an African man but he is a global man who made partnership with over 40 countries worldwide for sustaining peace, anti-corruptions, human rights, security, economy, good governance and other UN Agenda with UN Agencies, Institutions, Non-Governmental Organizations, Universities, International Youth Associations, International Rotary clubs and other Youth Organizations for development of youth for different opportunities in global that promote youth development