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Leah Crowell

Dalhousie University
Graduate Student - Sociology
I am a mature student with a wide range of employment and training background. I have a Certificate in Adult Education and I recently graduated from MSVU - BA in Child & Youth Studies. In early 2014 I started working as a research assistant for Dr. Devi Mucina of MSVU on a project that is investigating if familial incarceration, other than parents, puts children in the family at greater risk of later incarceration. I also currently facilitate workshops for educators called 'The Resilient Educator' (HeartMath), and I am a volunteer facilitator for restorative justice .

I am beginning my graduate studies in Sociology Fall 2015. I have many topics of study that interest me but most of them lead back to a passionate desire to make a mark on the planet that makes a difference in the lives of children and youth. More specifically I want to help empower young people by supporting policy, programs and practice that nurtures resiliency. I am collaborative by nature and look forward to meeting, working, and learning with all the great minds that will be at the conference!

I want to solicit 'silver bullet' ideas and 'million dollar questions' from conference participants. In my professional experience some of the greatest ideas, solutions and plans arise out of brainstorming without boundaries. So I'm asking everyone this: How we can leverage the research community and what we currently know about resiliency, (in research, policy & programming), to collectively assist in mitigating mental health rates in children and youth - and/or, what needs to happen next? If you share my interest in collaborating for progress on this important child development issue please come talk to me or come to Friday's open discussion on this topic!