Darlene Klyne

Director, Pathways Winnipeg at Community Education Development Association
Darlene Klyne is a Cree and Lakota mother, wife and grandmother. Darlene is passionate about two things-the value of education and the wellness of the Aboriginal community. At the age of 44 she pursued her lifelong goals of grade 12 graduation and post-secondary studies. Her focus for her educational journey was the Aboriginal community and the power of education as a decolonization tool. In her third year of studies she was fortunate to work on a research project exploring Aboriginal community development in Winnipeg and was inspired by all who journeyed before her to make this her lifelong work. In her role as Program Director for the CEDA-Pathways to Education Program-Winnipeg she is proud to be a helper to youth who live in the north end of Winnipeg as they pursue their educational goals.