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Andre Grace

University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
André P. Grace, PhD is Canada Research Chair in Sexual and Gender Minority Studies (Tier 1) and Professor and Director of Research at the Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services in the Faculty of Education, University of Alberta, Canada. He is co-founder of Camp fYrefly (www.fyrefly.ualberta.ca), a national summer leadership camp for sexual and gender minority youth, and he served as an external reviewer to the Chief Public Health Officer’s Reports Unit on the State of Public Health in Canada for the 2011 and 2012 national reports, which include foci on the comprehensive health, educational, and cultural concerns of sexual and gender minority youth. Dr. Grace’s latest book Growing into Resilience: Sexual and Gender Minority Youth in Canada is being published by University of Toronto Press and is scheduled for a September 2015 release. For book details, visit www.ismss.ualberta.ca.