Alicia Barrett

Chebucto Connections (Pathways to Education)
Student Parent Support Worker
Halifax, Nova Scotia
I have worked for Chebucto Connections since 2013 as a Student Parent Support Worker with Pathways to Education in Spryfield, Nova Scotia. I grew up in Halifax and completed a Bachelor of Science in Biology at Dalhousie University and Bachelor of Secondary Education at Mount Saint Vincent University. My job allows me to develop personal relationships with youth and their families, and I love having the opportunity to support and work with them as they progress through high school. Over the past year I have had the opportunity to participate in the planning of an innovative discussion-based Boys and Girls Group curriculum for grade nine Healthy Living classes. My colleagues and I have implemented this approach in many of the grade nine classes in Spryfield and are excited to expand this material and observe its benefits as these youth progress through high school.