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Linda Liebenberg

Linda Liebenberg, PhD., Co-Director Resilience Research Centre, Dalhousie University, is a researcher and evaluator with a core interest in children and youth with complex needs. Her work explores the promotion of positive youth development and mental health, using formal and informal processes of resilience, through both evaluation of service provision and research of youth experiences. As a key component of this work, Linda reflects critically on best ways in which to conduct research and evaluations with children and their communities (including multiple service providers). These approaches include participatory image-based methods; sophisticated longitudinal quantitative designs; and the design of measurement instruments used with children and youth. Linda has developed consulting and collaborative relationships with many international community-based organizations, including Right to Play, the World Bank, the World Health Organization, the Child Soldiers Initiative, and the Resilience Research Centre. She has presented on all five continents on culturally and contextually meaningful approaches to promoting positive psychosocial outcomes of children and youth as well as the ways in which this can be researched and evaluated. Her publications include the co-edited volumes Researching Resilience and Resilience in Action (with Michael Ungar, PhD) and Youth Resilience and Culture - Commonalities and Complexities (with Linda Theron, PhD).